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Would you like to bring KanePunch Comedy to your brewery, venue, or bar? We are looking for opportunities to showcase our talent all over the U.S. and help create a successful event at your establishment.




We have successfully promoted local comedy shows for many years as well as the Craft Comedy Series at Cabarrus Brewing Company in Concord, NC with attendance figures in the 80-120 range with an average of an additional $1000 in sales at the events.


Our Show.


Our specialized comedy variety-series style show is laid out in three parts being stand-up, music, and open forum. This model gives the attendees a unique experience in different styles of comedy. We use a very detailed layout and high production value to give the audience a feeling of being part of a special event/moment throughout the show.


Our Crew.


Joel and Nick are sketch and stand-up comics that have toured for the Comedy Zone and Bonkers. Patrick is a sketch comic and has had a successful career in producing and managing the live production of many big events. The three members offer different styles of comedic performance with unique outlooks on life and topics. Being friends from high school the three have an uncanny bond and friendship that shows throughout the show and gives the audience a sense of family and friendship.


Marketing of Event.


We have a very talented group of individuals that provide all of our visual marketing aids that we will in turn provide to you in print and digital form. We will also use our social media and video outlets to promote the event.


Be Successful Together.


Our goal for these shows is not to make a million dollars. We love comedy, beer, and local businesses. We have created this show not only to help spread the joy of comedy and get the good name of KanePunch out to the masses, but also to help local breweries, bars, and venues get people to their establishment and have a fun and successful event.


We would love to bring our next comedy event to your business. We want to work together to benefit both parties and build relationships with businesses that we can create a long term partnership with. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to working with you.

To bring us to your town please email us at